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Greeley County was named for the pioneering editor Horace Greeley, after his famous quote: “Go West Young Man.”  Visitors to modern day Greeley County will find that pioneer, can-do attitude alive and well in its residents and community. For visitors driving through or week-long vacationers, Greeley County offers a wealth of interesting destinations. Here are just a few ideas for things to do when visiting Greeley County.

  • Enjoy the power of an uninterrupted sunset on the open plains.
  • Walk in the footsteps of early pioneers as you visit the Horace Greeley Museum and the community’s historical points.
  • Spend a night under star-filled skies.
  • Experience Western Kansas hunting at its finest at Barrel Springs Hunt Club or enjoy the county’s vast walk-in hunting space.
  • Play a round at Greeley County’s Prairie Ridge Golf Course.
  • Tour the Greeley County Library and experience its unique architecture and welcoming staff.
  • Take in a new movie at Tribune’s Star Theater.
  • In the summer, take the kids to the Greeley County Pool.
  • Peggy’s Place, Holland Park, City Park, and Orchard Park: pick one and have a picnic!
  • Experience the community and enjoy local culture and cuisine at theCountry Cupboard, TheChatterbox, Jules Burger Bar, Karen’s Kitchen, or The Trench.
  • Visit with family and make new friends at the Greeley County Fair, Loyalty Day, or another family-friendly event.
  • Put technology to work and check out local geocaches.
  • Stay at Barrel Springs Hunt Club, Colleen’s Country Cottage, the Guest House, or the Guest Cottage.
  • Shop at local, family-owned businesses.

For more ideas, visit the Greeley County website athttp://www.greeleycounty.org/visiting.html.

Know Greeley County

Greeley County Values

Greeley County is a western Kansas community looking to the future with technology and healthcare access while holding fast to the community spirit and family values that typify rural life. Greeley County is home to Tribune, Kansas and Horace, Kansas, two rural towns located within two miles of each other along Kansas Highway 96.

In Greeley County, we pride ourselves on quality, top-rated healthcare; an open and helpful government; innovative education; and a well-rounded, active business community designed to serve your needs.

We know little of traffic, congestion, and the hassles of city life. We know our neighbors and are active in the community. We relish open skies, vibrant sunsets, peace of mind, and an unrivaled quality of living.

Take a few minutes and find out what Greeley County has to offer. You will be glad you did!


Horace Greeley Museum

The Horace Greeley Museum pays tribute to the experiences, livelihoods, and characters of Greeley County history.  Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the building’s architecture is an inviting and welcoming space, providing a glimpse of days gone by. The museum is open Thursday mornings and by appointment the rest of the week. Make an appointment by calling 620-376-2659 or e-mail cache@pld.com.Prairie Ridge Golf Course

Prairie Ridge Golf Course

Located on the north edge of Tribune, the Prairie Ridge Golf Course is a nine-hole bent grass-green course with buffalo grass fairways and bluegrass tee boxes. Daily packages or yearly memberships are available.

Greeley County Library

The Greeley County Library strives to provide informational, educational, and recreational services, materials, and programs for all generations. Its warm, welcoming decor and personnel banish all thoughts of typical libraries.For more information, visit their webpage at http://www.greeleycolibrary.info/.

Greeley County Swimming Pool

New in 1996, the Greeley County Swimming Pool is open each summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Featuring two water slides, a wading pool with a gigantic turtle, a sunbathing deck, and several shaded canopy areas, the pool provides a place to cool down from the summer’s heat in style.

Tribune Parks

Tribune’s four parks are inviting to the public and appealing to the eye. Holland Park (at Martin & Greeley) offers an outdoor basketball court. The City Park, near the fairgrounds on the northwest edge of town, is a tree-lined, picnicing area with a playground for kids of all ages. The PRIDE park sits along Broadway/Highway 27, beckoning visitors to sit and enjoy the day. The town’s newest park, Peggy’s Place, welcomes travelers along Broadway/Highway 27 with a variety of foilage and seating areas.

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