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Looking for an exceptional adventure? Then come spend the day or the weekend in Scott County, rich in history and full of fun! In Scott City, you can find a variety of unique shopping for rural community, which range from gifts, clothing and accessories, to antiques and one of a kind artwork. You can even pamper yourself while you relax with a pedicure or a massage. Breathtaking views can be found at Lake Scott State Park, Monument rocks, or even enjoy your own personal buffalo tour. There are also several historical sites, one of them being Battle Canyon, which was the last Indian battle in Kansas. You especially won’t want to miss the El Quartelejo Museum, Jerry Thomas Gallery & Collection and Keystone Gallery. So venture to Scott City and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Battle Canyon

Travel to the place where the last Indian battle in Kansas was fought. Punished Woman’s Fork, is about one mile south of Lake Scott State Park off of Hwy 95. A monument overlooks a cave, a canyon, and the bluffs where The Northern Cheyenne hid, waiting to ambush the U.S. Cavalry.

In the battle that followed, Commanding Officer Lt. Col. William H. Lewis was mortally wounded, the last officer killed in military action in the state of Kansas. After the battle, the Northern Cheyenne fled during the night.

This area has been designated a State and National historic site. Conditions have changed since the battle itself. The creek no longer flows as it did in 1878, but one can still sense the historic drama that took place here and can appreciate the desperate situation which led to this battle. For more information, contact El Quartelejo Museum.  Guided tours are available.


Duff’s Buffalo Ranch Tours

Take a ride on the wild side with a buffalo tour! Get up close and personal with one of the most magnificent animals ever created. “In the spring you will have a chance to see the buffalo cows with their new calves. That time of the year the big mature herd bulls are often away from the cows hanging out together. By July & August breeding season will be underway. Their friendships will have turned to feuding & the more dominate bulls will be growling like male African loins and pacing rapidly through the cows. Occasionally there will be a challenge from a bull hoping to take control of the herd. During breeding season the bulls are very focused and will pay little or no attention to us as we observe from the edge of the herd. Duff’s Buffalo Ranch gives tours you won’t soon forget on the back of a flatbed trailer in the midst of a great buffalo herd!

Richard Duff


Lake Scott State Park

Hidden in the western Kansas prairie, Lake Scott State Park is a startling oasis of natural springs, deep wooded canyons, and craggy bluffs. The 1,020-acre park surrounds the 100-acre, spring fed Scott State Fishing Lake. The park has 55 utility campsites, including some with 50-amp service and water hookups. Three modern shower buildings, 100 primitive campsites and several vault toilets are also available. Visitors enjoy a swimming beach and playground, and a privately operated concessions building stocks camping and fishing supplies. Canoe and paddle-boat rentals are available at the concession facility seasonally.   Nature trails accommodate hikers, horseback riders, and naturalists and provide excellent opportunities to observe wildlife in natural habitats. Wild turkey, deer, bobcat and beaver are common in the area. A horse camp area provides amenities for equestrian visitors. There are

101 W Scott Lake Dr.

El Cuartelejo Pueblo Ruins

Nearly two centuries before the Steeles homesteaded the area, a group of Taos Indians fleeing Spanish rule migrated to the park region. In 1664 they constructed pueblos and cultivated crops using a system of irrigation ditches from a nearby spring. From the pueblos came the name El Caurtelejo, meaning “old barracks or building.”It is the northernmost pueblo in the United States. They lived here for  20 years and then returned to their homes in the south.

El Caurtelejo was later reoccupied in 1701 when a group of Picurie Indians settled there for about two years. The last known reference to the El Cuartelejo site was 1727, after which it was abandoned and left to the ravages of weather and erosion. It disappeared, leaving no scar on the Kansas plains except a slight mound and some irrigation ditches, which were later used by Herbert Steele for his large truck garden enterprise.

In the mid 1890’s, the pueblo ruins were discovered by Steele and excavated by H.T. Martin and Prof. S.W. Williston from the University of Kansas. The El Cuartelejo Ruins achieved National Historical Landmark Status in 1964. In 1970, the Kansas Historical Society carried out an extensive program of excavation and restoration of the area. The present site allows the visitor to see the pueblo site with its foundation reconstructed.

Contact Lake Scott State Park at 620-872-2061.

Steel Homestead

Herbert Steele first came to Scott County in 1888 and found the present state park area to be an ideal location for homesteading. He married Eliza Landon five years later. Their first home was a simple dugout, which they later updated to a four-room house using sandstone gathered from the surrounding bluffs. The Steele home has been preserved much as it was over a hundred years ago and serves as a museum displaying the furnishings and tools used by early settlers. The Steele’s farm was the setting for many outings due to the unique canyons and the superb fishing and hunting. In 1928, 1,280 acres, including the Steele Homestead, was acquired by the Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game Commission becoming the present day State Park.
Contact Lake Scott State Park at 620-872-2061.

El Quartelejo Museum

El Quartelejo Museum is a unique timeline museum. It leads the visitor through the history of Scott County from the fossil remains of the inland sea over 80 million years ago through modern day agriculture. Included in the exhibits are a replica of El Quartelejo pueblo, rocks and fossils, and other historic displays. A second building houses vintage tractors & buggies and miscellaneous household and farming artifacts.

El Quartelejo is owned and operated by the Scott County Historical Society with colorful displays exhibited in a pueblo style building at 902 West 5th Street, Scott City, Kansas.

The museum is open 1-5 p.m. weekdays, with weekend hours during the summer months.
Tours are available during regular hours, and can be arranged at other times by appointment.

902 West 5th Street (HYW 96)

Jerry Thomas Gallery & Collection

Prepare yourself to be taken on a journey into the history, wildlife, and beauty of the old west in the Jerry Thomas Gallery and Collection. The beautiful gallery building, designed with Southwest architectural accents, is a spacious 5,000 sq ft, state of the art facility adjoining the El Quartelejo Museum in Scott City, Kansas.

The gallery houses a beautiful array of original artwork by renowned artist Jerry Thomas. Jerry’s penchant for realism, incredible detail and historic research and facts has become legendary. His work resides in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad. The visitor will be treated to an awe-inspiring look into the creative process of Jerry’s award-winning artwork at the media communications and history center.

It will give the audience a glimpse into the inspiration behind Jerry’s work and will lead them through the development of each piece of artwork. The viewer will be fascinated by the histories, stories, people, wildlife, and landscapes that are involved and influential in Jerry’s work. It will tell a special story of the “People of the West”. Patrons will also be entertained by the fascinating and beautiful collection of western Heritage items and relics, including items actually used by Jerry in the creation of his paintings.

These collections include beautiful Native American, Civil War, Indian War, and cowboy trail items. The Jerry Thomas Gallery and Collection will be a must see destination point for wildlife and western art enthusiasts and those who appreciate the stories and memorabilia of the old west.

Jerry Thomas Gallery & Collection
902 West 5th Street (HYW 96)
Scott City, KS 67871
620-872-5912 or

Monument Rocks

View the breath-taking Monument Rocks, also known as the Chalk Pyramids. The natural formations are 18 miles north of Scott City, then turn east at Keystone Gallery. This site is the first National Natural Landmark in Kansas designated by the Department of Interior on October 31, 1968. These limestone formations stretch to 50 feet in height. Monument Rocks has also been chosen as one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas.

The quiet, and beauty and scale of the Monument Rocks will be a lifetime memory. For more information contact El Quartelejo Museum at 620-872-5912 or Keystone Gallery at 620-872-2762. Guided tours are available.

Keystone Gallery 

Keystone Gallery is a combination museum, art gallery and gift shop. The museum section contains an extensive, scientific collection of local Kansas fossils including a 20-foot Mosasaur and a14-foot Xiphactinus. Many other fish, turtle, and bird fossil specimens are also on display.

A colorful mural depicting the ancient Niobrara seaway accompanies the fossil display and was painted by artist Chuck Bonner. His other paintings adorn the walls of the gallery. Scenic photography by Barbara Shelton is also on display.

The gift shop has Monument Rocks souvenirs, U.S. and international fossils, minerals, and other items not usually found in this region. The historic 1916 building is surrounded by a herd of 300 buffalo that are sometimes nearby or can be spotted in the distance within our panoramic view of the Smoky Hill River valley.

We are “Conveniently located in the middle of nowhere” between Lake Scott State Park and Monument Rocks or 18 miles north of Scott City on US Highway 83. Keystone Gallery is the official 8 Wonders Representative for Monument Rocks.

Keystone Gallery is located at:
401 US Highway 83
Scott City, KS 67871
Owners: Chuck Bonner & Barbara Shelton



El Quartelejo Inn & Suites
1600 S Main
620-872-7373 – Toll free: 877-749-7373

Lazy R Motel
710 E 5th

Pine Tree RV Park
402 North Main St

Stepping Inn Motel
104 S Main

Scott City Inn
609 E 5th St

The Guest House
311 E 5th St

The Vintage Inn of Scott City
1112 S Main


Casey’s Pizza 104 W 5th 620-872-2138
Dairy Queen 1211 S Main St. 620-872-3215
El Dos de Oros 1213 1/2 S Main 620-872-5204
F & A Daylight & Deli 606 S Main 620-872-3038
La Fiesta 109 Park Lane 620-872-2777
Los Pimos Tamales & Rotisserie Chicken 1306 S Main, 620-872-5070
Majestic Theatre 420 S Main 620-872-3840
Peking Garden 324 S Main 620-872-7221
Pizza Hut 1304 S Main 620-872-5301
Sonic Drive Inn 1720 S Main St, 620 874-9655
Subway 1311 S Main 620-872-0044
Taco Grande 1306 S Main 620-872-2941
Tate’s 405 S Main St, 620 909-5002
The Broiler 102 S Main 620-872-5055
The Grill House 611 E 5th 620-872-5656
The Taylor House 1313 S Main, 620-214-1669
Wendy’s 1602 S Main 620-872-7288


June Jaunt
First Weekend in June

Walk, Run and Roll
End of June, or first part of July

Scott County Free Fair
Mid – Late July

Rod Run & Show
3rd weekend of August

Show Down on the Plains
Mid September

Whimmydiddle Arts & Crafts Fair
Last Saturday in September


Scott Community Golf Course Maddux Park
9 hole golf course 9th & Park Ave – 806 N Main

Patton Park 
12th & Main

Palmer Park
South Jefferson & Canal St.

Scott City Swimming Pool
South Jefferson & Canal St.

Park on the Plains
Located in Patton Park. Park on the Plains has unique features such as a cattle car, tractor, adobe entry, and buffalo climbing wall just to name a few. The park has five slides as well.

Scott City Recreation Sports Complex
Includes 4 baseball fields, batting cages, and soccer fields

Scott City Indoor Arena & Activity Center
Located on North end of the Fairgrounds. The arena is host to over 200 activities & events per year!


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Jennifer Turner
Tourism Director
221 W 5th St.
Scott City, KS

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