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402 S. Fourth, Garden City, Ks 67846 (620) 272-3664

The Finney County Historical Museum is THE place to learn about Finney county’s rich cultural past. The museum provides long-term and temporary exhibitions that draw a huge variety of visitors curious about the social, cultural and natural history of Southwest Kansas. Learn about Kansas icons such as CJ Buffalo Jones. Learn about the Spirit of the Plains and have a look at the world’s largest hairball found in a cow’s stomach. You can also dress up in historic clothes and see what the Windsor Hotel looked like in it’s glory days. The True Crime Exhibit incorporates evidence, artifacts and information showing how local and area law enforcement officers solved the crime spree of the Fleagle Gang, bank robbers and murderers of the 1920s who were once as widely known as Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.  The exhibit also educates visitors about the 1959 Clutter murder case, which inspired author Truman Capote to produce the acclaimed novel, “In Cold Blood,” about the deaths of the Herb and Bonnie Clutter family at the hands of prison parolees Richard Hickock and Perry Smith. The 525-square foot exhibit features forensic evidence from the both cases, used in obtaining convictions that led to the execution of the perpetrators, including a boot worn by Smith the night of the Clutter murders, which left a print linking Hickock and the wearer to the killings; and a car window glass on which gangster Jake Fleagle left his finger print in the commission of a murder after robbing the First National Bank in Lamar, Co.  That print, one of the first used in an FBI-related investigation, linked Jake and Ralph Fleagle, as well as accomplices George Abshier and Howard “Heavy” Royston, to the fatal heist.

 402 Fulton Street, Garden City, KS 67846 (620) 275-5162

Jessie Montes began producing 3 dimensional sculptures, landscapes, portraits and abstract design pieces, using ¼ inch strips of cardboard glued edgewise on a cardboard base in 1990. Acrylic paint is used on most of his pieces, providing vibrant, exciting art. In 2017 Duane and Orvileta West gifted their 53 piece collection of Jessie Montes art to the Santa Fe Trail Council. The gallery is open Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm. Located at Admission is free.

318 N Main, Garden City, KS 67846  

(620) 260-9700

Garden City Arts is a local, non-profit arts organization showcasing a variety of mesmerizing exhibits. It is an exceptional place to peruse captivating collections, catch a community theatrical performance, and support local Kansas artists. Since its founding in 1989, GCA has strived to bring more arts and humanities events to Southwest Kansas. Garden City Arts offers and intriguing array of fine art, photography, textile and other revolving art exhibits for all tastes. In addition, the center conducts art classes for all ages and has a delightful gift gallery, featuring one-of-a-kind art and jewelry. If you are only in town for a few days, be sure to check out everything that’s going on over at Garden City Arts. View their calendar of events for all of their in-person and virtual exhibits and family-friendly activities. From watercolor workshops to Art in the Park, the crew at GCA is always planning exciting cultural events. Garden City Arts is located at 318 North Main Street in Garden City, KS. The gallery is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 1 pm until 5 pm. General admission is free. For more information about Garden City Arts please visit:


500 W. Wyatt Earp Blvd. Dodge City, KS 67801 (620) 227-8188

Boot Hill Museum is located on the original site of Boot Hill Cemetery and highlights the glory days of the Queen off the Cowtown's with creative, lively, interactive displays and activities the entire family will enjoy. Boot Hill Museum is open all year long where you can belly up to the bar for a cold sarsaparilla, enjoy some of grandma's homemade fudge in the General Store or take home a lasting memento of your old west experience from the Boot Hill Gift Shop.

701 N. 2nd Ave. Dodge City KS 67801 (620) 225-6388

The Carnegie Center for the Arts is located in Dodge City’s first library, built in 1907. The building was the result of an $8,500 donation from steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. Charles W. Squires of Emporia, Kansas, an architect known for his use of domes and stained glass, designed the building. The Carnegie building is on the National Register of Historic Places and features the original 1907 stained glass windows and woodwork. Between 1970 and 1980, after the library closed, the building was repurposed five times as various restaurants and nightclubs. In 1980, the

Carnegie, purchased by a non-profit organization, is now well-known as the Carnegie Center for the Arts, whose mission is to “Enhance Lives Through the Arts." We have a new exhibit in honor of our long history as a library. Learn our history as you visit our exhibit and look at old photos. Check out a painting in our “library” done by John King, Emporia KS.

400 W. Wyatt Earp Blvd, Dodge City, KS 67801 (620) 225-8186

Dodge City Visitor Information Center can help you plan your journey. Find out about all the attractions Dodge City has to offer. Pick up city maps, walking tours, and learn about all the local eateries. 

Dodge City Visitor Information Center staff is ready to get you on your way to "Discover the Unexpected" in Dodge City.

112 E. Vine St. Dodge City, KS 67801 (620) 227-6791

Once isolated atop a hill out of town, this architectural splendor was and still is among the most distinguished homes in Dodge City. Built of native limestone, its elegant simplicity is filled wit h many original furnishings and old world pride. Built by Bavarian immigrant, Bootmaker-turned-Cattleman, John Mueller. He hired fellow Bavarians William Hesseman and William Strubel to help create this unique home for his family. In the great blizzard of January 1886, Mueller lost all of his cattle and had to return to his bootmaking. Further disasters in the form of fires on Front Street forced him to

return to St. Louis, Missouri. In 1890 he sold his home to Bavarian Blacksmith Adam Schmidt, where he and wife Elizabeth were the only other family who ever occupied this beautiful home. Two of their three children lived in the home until 1960. It sold to Ford County and became a showplace again in 1968. Renovations are underway to assure this wonderful asset to our history continues for many more generations.

603 5th Ave, Dodge City, KS 67801

(620) 225-7311

The Kansas Teachers’ Hall of Fame was granted a Corporation Charter  by the Kansas Secretary of State in Topeka on February 15, 1977. The Hall of Fame was originally housed in a one-room school building on the Boot Hill Museum grounds. Its current building is located at 603 Fifth Avenue in Dodge City and was purchased and remodeled in 1987. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to bring credit to the teaching profession and to the many who have dedicated their lives to helping others. The Kansas Teachers’ Hall of Fame is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, From 10:00a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and by appointment. Admission is $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for youth and children younger than 5 years of age are free. A family discount is also offered.

101 E. Wyatt Earp, Dodge City, KS 67801

(620) 225-8186

Built in 1897  and an addition added in 1898, the Richardson Romanesque architecturally-styled depot once housed a framed Harvey House Restaurant and Hotel (the largest "Harvey House" in Kansas).

The Depot is open for viewing during regular business hours; the building entrance is a the double doors with a white and green awning. The Santa Fe Depot houses a restored "Harvey House" hotel room on the east wing of the second floor.


300 E. Oklahoma Ave., Ulysses, KS 67880 (620) 356-3009

The Historic Adobe Museum, constructed of adobe blocks in the 1930s is listed on the State Historic Register. A building steeped in history and a two and a half year renovation of the museum gallery make this premier museum a must see for all visitors.  The exhibits tell the story of life on the High Plains. The visual story is set into scenes with dimensional murals and backdrops highlighting the exhibits. An Indian Encampment on the banks of the Cimarron gives the visitor a glimpse into the life of the nomadic Indians.


South Main Street and Highway 23 Cimarron KS,  67835

Where the Ranch at the Cimarron Crossing once stood during the Santa Fe Trail days. The ranch was established in 1866 and it provided travelers protection, supplies, and accommodations. Now it hosts many community events, family reunions, birthday parties, etc. You can enjoy playing basketball, sand volleyball, baseball/softball, tee-ball, walking around on the track, or playground equipment, or enjoying some time under one of two shelter houses. 

203 North Main St Cimarron KS,  67835

The Cimarron Hotel was established in 1886 as a home away from home for famous Dodge City, Kansas cowboys. It has held a prominent place throughout the history of the Old West and the town of Cimarron, Kansas. We invite you to come and spend some time with us to experience one of the few remaining authentic Old West hotels on the National Register of Historic Places. -Kathy Holt, owner

Corner of Ave D and South Main Street

 Cimarron KS,  67835

Constructed in July of 1929, the city jail was the second jail in town. The residents needed this jail because it was easier to lock someone up without having to find the sheriff on duty. There is still writing on the walls from one of the first inmate who spent 49 days in jail. This building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2019.

111 N. Aztec St. Montezuma, KS 67867  

(620) 846-2527

The Stauth Memorial Museum features the travel adventures of Claude and Donalda Stauth who traveled to 95 countries collecting indigenous art, instruments, costumes, statues, tribal hunting weapons and more. The Special Exhibitions Gallery features traveling exhibits from renowned national exhibit sources to learn about history, art, science and more. Also featured in the Fry Wildlife Collection, one of Kansas' most extensive collections of North American and exotic game animals, including former record-breaking specimens. A must see for all hunters, sportsmen and conservationist. The Wall Western Collection exhibition features 23 WESTERN bronze art works including Frederic Remington and others!  


Haun Museum, Jetmore, KS 67854

 (620) 357-8831

Founded in 1965, the Haun Museum is located in the first stone house build in Jetmore in the 1800s, and is on the National Historic Register. The historical complex is part of a block of buildings constructed of native limestone, with additional buildings added over the ears to house growing displays. Visitors are given a glimpse of the daily lives of early day  settler's; the Treasures of Horse Thief (with items dating back to 1100 AD); an amazing Military Collection, and more. It is ever-changing with new displays being created to represent various time periods, as well as special events and displays. A genealogy library is on-site.   The Haun museum is located in the heart of Jetmore, Kansas at 417 Main Street. Open weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day: Saturdays 9-Noon and 1-4 pm; Sundays 1-5 pm. Open other times by appointment or special request. Call 620-357-8831.


111 S. Buffalo St. Lakin, KS  67860

(620) 355-7448

Kearny County’s history is as unique as the people who hav called it home. From Native Americans to cowpokes and pioneers, we’ve got them covered! Learn about the Santa Fe Trail and see our authentic 1831 Conestoga. Visit the oldest house in town, an 1893 schoolhouse and the Santa Fe Depot built in 1882. Free admission. Open 9—4 Tuesday

through Friday..


204 W. Wisconsin Ave. Greensburg KS 67054 

(620) 723-2600

The 5.4.7 Arts Center is a community arts center dedicated to provide opportunities in the arts through classes, exhibits and performances. We have 6-8 gallery exhibits each year, visiting artist

workshops, and arts classes for all ages. Our building is also a work of art and features many sustainable building practices in action.

315 S. Sycamore, Greensburg, KS 67054 (620) 723-4102

The Big Well is a marvel of pioneer engineering that was completed in 1888 as the towns original water supply. At 109 feet deep and 32 feet in diameter, this is a breathtaking sight to see. This new museum opened in May 2012 and once again allows visitors to descend a spiral staircase into the Big Well and view exhibits that feature Greensburg's history, the tornado, and our rebuilding as a sustainable community.

312 E. US HWY 54, Haviland, KS (620) 862-5654

Heart of American Science Resource Center is a hands-on science center and museum where you are invited to explore a wide variety of science topics from a biblical worldview. The museum houses an awesome rock, mineral, and fossil collection, as well as displays in other fields of science. In addition to experiencing the museum with its hands-on activities, or participating in our special events, you can schedule a field excursion to find your won rocks and fossils, begin building your own collection, or polish a rock of your own choosing. We would love to provide you an unforgettable science experience!

320 S. Main, Greensburg, KS 67054

(620) 723-1125

The Kiowa County Historical Museum and Soda Fountain is a nonprofit organization, established in 2010. Our mission is to promote and preserve the rich historical heritage of Kiowa County. We educate visitors through storytelling, artifacts, and hands on materials. The Kiowa County Historical Museum lost 80% of its artifacts after an EF5 tornado destroyed the museum on May 4, 2007. However, through generous public donations, the museum has been able to restore its collection. The KCHM is also home to Greensburg’s original soda fountain, which is still operational for families to enjoy.


502 South Pearlette, Meade, KS 67864 (620) 873-2731

In 1887 Eva Dalton married John Whipple. John had build a small house and barn to the south of Meade. Eva had three brothers who began robbing trains in the Oklahoma Territory in 1891. It is believed they came to Meade and built a small tunnel from the house, 95 feet to the barn, to be used as an escape if the brothers were hiding at Eva's. The Dalton Gang Hideout located 4 blocks South of Highway 54, includes a walk through the tunnel to Eva's house, a museum upstairs in the barn, and a gift shop.

200 East Carthage Meade, KS 67864 

(620) 873-2359

Our Museum tells the story of early Meade County from 1887 through 1930's displays along a boardwalk including the mercantile store, Rock island railroad, and photography studio. Other displays are the Bartlett Saddle collection and an Exhibit from the Lundeen Indian site "Life Along Crooked Creek." We have a large collection of genealogy works, newspapers from the 1880's obituaries from 1890 on, and lists of cemetery burials, all used for research. A highlight when visiting us is hearing the player piano. The Museum is located on Main Street (Highways 54 and 160), one block east of the stoplight.


370 U.S. 56 Elkhart, KS 67950 

(620) 697-2833

The Morton County Historical Society Museum established in 1987 showcases the history of Morton County with displays and artifacts unique to the county. A cut away wall features the handmade adobe bricks used in the building of the towns City Hall. The entire process of harvesting broom corn and making brooms is detailed in one display. Nineteen murals painted by local artist's line the walls and depict events from around the county. Memorabilia, artifacts and history fill every room and are shared with every visitor.

242 Highway 56 E Elkhart, KS 67950 

The Cimarron National Grassland is over 100,000 acres of multiple use land administered by the USDA Forest Service. It is a legacy from the Dust Bowl era. Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, bird watching, and much more is available. Twenty-three miles of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail crosses the Grassland. Grazing and oil & gas facilities occur through a permit system.


123 S. Pennsylvania Ave Ness City, KS 67560 (785) 798-3298

A historical limestone building that was once home to the Beardslee Bros. Mercantile store is the location of the Ness County Historical Museum. From our agriculture and oil roots, to the home of historical figures such as world-renowned scientist, George Washington Carver, and Boston Red Sox Player, Smoky Joe Wood, our museum provides a peek into the bygone years of our great county.


902 W. 6th Scott City, KS 67871

(620) 872-5912

El Quartelejo Museum & Jerry Thomas Gallery and Collection contain nationally acclaimed artifacts, art, and history. El Quartelejo Museum follows a timeline from Fossils to the Frontier with interactive exhibitions, fun activities and intriguing displays that stir the intellect and stimulate the imagination. Award Winning Artist, Sculptor, and Historian, Jerry Thomas, combines his distinct artwork with unparalleled and rare artifacts and memorabilia from Native American, the Battle of Little Big Horn, Civil War & WWII Era, and the Battle of Punished Woman’s Fork; Where Art and History TELL a Story. Our Vision is to engage people, no matter where they are, with county heritage to ignite their interest and catalyze their understanding of local history and the history of the High Plains of Western Kansas.

101 W. Scott Lake Dr. Scott City, Kansas 67871

Historic Lake Scott State Park is full of history. The Steele Home Museum was the home of Herbert and Eliza Steele. They were among the first settlers to Scott County in 1892. They first lived in a dugout, building their House of Stone in 1894. You can contact the park office for a tour of the home. Just to the north of the Steele Home is El Cuartelejo Ruins. This as a Plains Apache village where the Taos and Picuris Pueblo Indians lived after leaving New Mexico in 1664 to escape Spanish rule. There are plans to build a museum near the ruins as funds are raised.  There is also a small museum in the park office that shows the history of Historic Lake Scott State Park.

401 US Hwy 83 Scott City, KS 67871

(620) 872-2762

A vast inland sea once covered a large part of our continent. Visit Keystone Gallery where inside our museum one can see an extensive, scientific collection of local Kansas fossils including a 20-foot Mosasaur and a 14-foot Xiphactinus, plus fish, turtle, and bird fossil specimens. We are a fun fossil museum, art gallery, and rock/mineral shop all rolled into one building. You'll also get to meet Chuck and Barbara who found all these fossils and were featured on NOVA "Making North America" and other TV shows! We are located between the towns of Oakley and Scott City, Kansas on US 83 overlooking the Smoky Hill valley and the Badlands of Kansas region. 18 miles north of Scott City on US HWY 83.


624 N. Pershing Ave Liberal, KS 67901 

(620) 624-2810

Baker Arts Center has been open since 1986. The center provides space for  artists. We have hosted exhibits featuring quilts, glass, photography and much more. We offer free admission to our exhibits. Workshops for children and adults are year round.  We have a collection of books in our Library which is adjacent to the Sales Gallery that features work from area artists. The organization strives "to enhance the cultural lives of all people in the area." The revenue of the Center is possible thanks to donations, fundraisers and membership.

567 E. Cedar St., Liberal KS 67901

(620) 624-7624

Coronado Museum offers a collection of items dating back to 1541 when Don Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and 36 soldiers entered what is now Southwest Kansas on their quest to find the fabled "Seven Cities of Gold." A Spanish horse bit, left behind by the group, is on permanent display at the museum. Exhibits used in the settlement of the Kansas Territory during its Wild West days are on display as well as those paying tribute to the culture of the Native Americans.

567 Cedar St Liberal KS 67901

(620) 624-7624

Dorothy's House and the Land of Oz has been named one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas. "There's not place like Home", Dorothy House that is! Walk the yellow brick road to the official home of Dorothy Gale! Enjoy a unique experience 

with a Dorothy guided tour. Dorothy will lead you on an interactive tour through the 

Land of OZ, telling her story along the way! At the end of the tour in the memorabilia room you will find the only "Dorothy's House" ever built for the movie.

1 Yellow Brick Road Liberal, KS 67901

(620) 626-0170

Our tourist center is a little slice of Liberal, KS. Here you can discover all that Liberal has to offer. Take a piece of Liberal, KS home when you visit our gift shop.

2000 W. 2nd Liberal, KS 67901 

(620) 624-5263

The Mid-America Air Museum in Liberal, KS is one of the country's largest air museums. Our collection includes a very rare night fighter version of the F4U Corsair from WWII, a B-25 Mitchell Bomber from WWII, a Grumman Averrer torpedo bomber from WWII, two fighters from the Korean War, and six jet fighters from the Vietnam War including an F-14 Tomcat. We also have numerous civil aviation aircraft both vintage and modern.


104 East Highland Ave. Johnson City Kansas 67855

(620) 492-1526

Stanton County Museum features six historic buildings including a 1935 WPA building a, 1920 iron clad grain elevator, and the town's original Santa Fe Depot. You can explore a small CRP grasses garden and learn about prairie conservation and efforts to attract bees and butterflies.  Museum hours are 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on Monday - Friday. Arrangement for weekend tours may be made by appointment. The Museum site is open for visitors to walk through even when the museum is closed. Look for more information in the box on the gate.


905 S. Adams Street Hugoton, Kansas, 67951 (620) 544-8751

The Stevens County Museum was opened in 1961 and has had continuous operations since. Our newest exhibit pays tribute to local legend Harold (Buddy) Heaton, a famed rodeo clown and performer. Buddy was famous for riding his Bison up to the Presidential Podium, and shaking hands with President John F. Kennedy at his inauguration. Stevens County has historically been known as being on top of the biggest gas field in the world. The first gas well in Stevens County was drilled by Walter Sidewall in 1930 and it was named Crawford 1. It was 3,500 feet deep! In April 2018 Economic Development Director, Jan Leonard and Hugoton Chamber of Commerce Director, Alisha Owens unearthed a large medicine find in the basement of the Old Bundy Hotel on Main Street, left behind by Dr. William Bundy in the late 1920's. You can check out more on that display by visiting our exhibit in the museum.


201 North 4th St. Leoti,  KS 67861 (620) 375-2316

The Stevens County Museum was opened in 1961 and has had continuous operations since. Our newest exhibit pays tribute to local legend Harold (Buddy) Heaton, a famed rodeo clown and performer. Buddy was famous for riding his Bison up to the Presidential Podium, and shaking hands with President John F. Kennedy at his inauguration. Stevens County has historically been known as being on top of the biggest gas field in the world. The first gas well in Stevens County was drilled by Walter Sidewall in 1930 and it was named Crawford 1. It was 3,500 feet deep! In April 2018 Economic Development Director, Jan Leonard and Hugoton Chamber of Commerce Director, Alisha Owens unearthed a large medicine find in the basement of the Old Bundy Hotel on Main Street, left behind by Dr. William Bundy in the late 1920's. You can check out more on that display by visiting our exhibit in the museum.

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